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Related post: Date: lola angel bbs Wed, 19 Feb 2003 17:58:19 +0000 From: Julius Chan Subject: Quest from Ancient - Part 4Quest from Ancient ============== Written by: JuliusDisclaimer: The following bbs 14yo story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy models russian bbs that takes place in the present and the past. It never happened. This story contains sex between men and boys. The author does not encourage sex between nude art teen bbs adults and children. If you are under the age of 18 or bbs youngs do not approve of gay sex, or the subject matter is not legal in the area you reside, please do not read further. The author welcomes constructive criticism. I answer all emails. As usual all flames will be ignored...Please direct your comments to.livejuliushotmail.comCopyright Notice: This story is the copyright of incest bbs pics the author. February, 2003. You may distribute or copy this story however you like. PROVIDED that this copyright notice remains intact.Here, I would like to thank Jevic lola porn pics bbs for his friendship, though I have yet heard from you commenting about my stories. And of course, to my love, James for keeping his silence when I write...haha. Ok, that's all for now, I would expect to deliver Chapter 5 in a few days time.Chapter4 -- Love vs Lust ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I awoke in a dimly lit dungeon teen model video bbs or sort, peering around I was very much alone. I sat up on the stone table and started to recollect recent events..."Why am I in this state? Am I that powerless? Am I his slave for eternity? .... Oh, how bbs pedo nude I missed you Felix, I hope you won't find me in this mess..", I couldn't help but sobbed as the thought of betraying my love came into my mind."But I did.", a teens bbs topsites firm sound rang in my head."Huh? Felix? Is that you?", I thought back."Yes, my love. And I've come to your aid with a group of mages.""No! You have to bbs kds little leave, he's too powerful... not even my powers can daunt him.""I'm calling you in your tiny teen models bbs mind, and I 91 vw bbs rims know what kids pictures porn bbs I'm doing. Don't forget I may not have your powers, but virgins bbs sex porn it's nudist bbs gothic my powers that compliment yours. I'll be able to do what you cannot. And I'm here about to execute my plan, you just have to hold on for another hour or so... and, I don't blame you for what you did... I nude bbs pedo porn love you." No other words can be more comforting; I pulled myself bbs illegal child sex together and listened."My forbidden bbs love, this demon was created by desire and no magic is strong enough to kill it. Our only hope is illegal videos bbs to banish it, but it'll return one day. I just prayed that we would have found a way to deal with it then.", Felix whispered clearly in my head."But how? And for fuck mpeg bbs how long?", I thought."We cannot be sure, but we need your help. In order to banish him, we need a part of his body to conjure the banishment spell. Though top dark baby bbs I'm the expert at bbs image sex japan warping dimensions, but to force this demon to another requires utmost power, and this power must not be tainted by him. You, unfortunately young model bbs had, and I free tiny bbs cannot expect help from you. That's why lol pre bbs sex I gathered mages cp bbs strawberry around the country before I come for you." Felix's voice seemed to be gathering strength as he spoke in my head, I believed he's getting closer to where I was.Before I can ask any questions, he spoke again, "In bbs loita pics order to get the body bits from him, you can pluck a strand of his hair and willed it to me. And you have to distract him while doing so. I'm now putting a mental block in your mind, so that he'll only hear what you project..., I sensed he's near, I have to go. Don't worry, it'll be over soon.""I see my slave awake? Did you rest well?" Lucifer lola top bbs grinned as he smuggler bbs sex stare intently into my eyes, as if searching for an answer.Remembering I now have a mental blocked, I quickly willed my mind to project "Yes, master. And I craved for you again. Thirsting for your hard cock in my willing hole. Take me now, please... I beg you!""Yes, I hear you wanting more...", with that, he waved his hand and I felt bounded again. I acted quickly as I needed to have my hands free to teen bbs img board pluck a strand of his hair, I spoke, "No, master. Let me be your willing slave, allow me to service you.""So shall it be done!", with another wave, shy lolta bbs I fell on the cold stone table.He free teen movies bbs walked bbs porn video gallery towards me, kds bbs toplist lola and I saw angel bbs nude he was already underground teens bbs naked. He's still as mesmerizing bbs portal young as ever, even when I have a mind of my own. I gave him a hug and nudged him to sit pteteen bbs on bbs videos forum the stone table while I stood at his front with my hard dick pulsing in his face. In a swift motion, top link bbs rompl bbs y.o. I lowered myself to take the monster in my hole. I found it easy though, and pleasure surge from within. I x bbs kids gave a slight moan as I took in all of his manhood."Master, you have such beautiful eyes.", I squeaked, as his tool rubbed against my knob. "Oh, you have a sweet tongue. And you sure know how to make a man feels good...aahh, yes, take it slowly...", he bbs moms throws his head back as I started moving virgin bbs pics my hips, sliding on his monster."Master, you have such beautiful hair. Can bbs board3 bbs kids porn I have the pleasure to touch them?" I sounded to him with moans, trying my best girl chat bbs to cover my bbs portal real intention."Of course, feel free to worship any parts of my body..."Now is the time, he's totally consumed by the grinding of my hips. I reached out my hands and caressed his hair. Now, I can clearly see his wings, I can't help but deviate from my task for a while, and reached out to feel his wings. adult links image bbs I was a great feeling, like touching leather... only it was warm. Bringing myself back, I moved my hands brushing his hair again and I quickly sat on his cock and tugged at his jet-black hair and moaned. It was perfect, he didn't suspect a thing. I quickly willed it to my spider bbs gallery lover while I continued to service 18 bbs ch him.It wasn't long when I brought him to climax. I came too after his intense orgasm. Suddenly, his eyes flickered and pushed me away roughly. Then I saw vlad models image bbs his eyes burning with fury as he stared at me..."You BITCH!!! What are you trying to do? Have I ill-treated you? Do you not like me? Why? Of all the people, I chose to trust you! Yet, you betrayed free tgp bbs sites me...", his voice echoed and filled young nudes bbs every wall and crevices in the dungeon.A blue mist appeared and with it my love and a group of mages. I kindergarden pics free bbs crawled over to Felix and hugged his legs, trembling for the first time in my life."Out of desire, you are created. Out of mist, you came. Devoid of love and holiness. Devoid of flesh and pain. bbs free sites Casted out of reality, casted out of time. Casted into void, where time stopped to bind...", an unison voice chanted and the kasumi fan bbs anonib earth was rumbling, threatening to bury us all then."Nnnoooo,.... I shall have you..... I will b.e.... free pedo jpg bbs b...a..c..k....!!!", with those last words, Lucifer was little girls fucking bbs sucked into a warped portal behind bbs toplist gay him and bbs girl nudist silence fell."He shall not bother us, ... for now." Felix bends down and helped me to my feet."I'm so sorry, I know I shouldn't... I...", I gave Felix a tight embraced and I wailed like a baby newly born."Let's go home..." he planted a kiss on my lips and willed our bodies back to the little hut where there's love and peace. And now, he's back... what am I to do? I don't have a chance against his nature. I need to find Felix fast, but how? No spell or charm can work since Lucifer is back. And I trust that he felt me performing that soul finding magic.I was thinking very bbs child nude hard, when an teenclub bbs idea struck me, "I can send a mind message to Felix, though he may not understand... but it's bbs ru definitely worth a try.""My love, I send my thoughts to you... ", I screamed in 15 year bbs models my head, imagining the loudest little girls raped bbs thunder I've heard.I tried for a few minutes and was about bbs boy japan to give up when,..."What the FUCK??""Can you hear me?""Who the hell are you? Am I hallucinating? Are you a phantom darks bbs pics that resides in my head?", a familiar voice spoke back."My love, we were connected many lives back and I bbs porno guestbook missed you very much... Can you tell me where you stay? What's your name now? And how old free bbs xxx are you this year?", I was practically bbs young angles yelling with delight and urgency knowing that I can communicate with him."Whoa! Hold on a minute! What the hell are you talking about? bbs watch zshare Is this a new Virtual Reality game show or something?", the voice seemed to be fearful and is covered by anger. I regain bbs imgboards my composure and explained to him as concise and accurate as I could. After a moment of silence, he spoke teeens bbs "How do I know you are telling the truth?""I can help you to remember your past, if you let me...""Ok, I guess..."Focusing to illegal bbs dark underground a higher concentration pics bbs plane, I manage to unlock the seal placed in his mind... Then due to over-exertion, I child model bbs forum passed out.It was night when I regain consciousness. My parents were back apparently, but it seemed that they thought I was not at home. Well, all the elwebbs kiddy better, it'll be hard to explain anyway. I quickly sat up and send a mind message to Felix."Are you ok? Do you remember me now?"But no answer came through... This list of bbs pt really freaked me out. Did he kill himself again? I surely hoped not. bbs models zeps portal Then, a strong gust of foul wind blew into my room and a shadowy figure begins to take shape...Lucifer!!!I let out an audible gasp and my knees buckled as pedo bbs link he speaks, "My long missed slave,... did you enjoyed yourself while I was away?"The words 3d porn bbs are so chilling, and every word seemed to pierce through my skin. Without realizing, I was kneeling at this demonic master."Oh,... you realized you made me very sad and disappointed non nude bbs archive in free anal pic bbs you. But I shall not punish tiny boys bbs you for now. Hahaha, but I dare not say to others... like Felix. bbs forum girls He shall bear my wrath for casting me to the void for so many millennium. He shall not enjoy like you did, I'll wreck him inside out!!! I'll turn him into a lifeless zombie... hahaha""NO! Please, I beg kinky adult bbs you. Don't do this to him. He does not deserve such treatment. I was the one who betrayed you, let me bear the punishment, not him.", I cried loudly, disowning megabbs jp teens the fact that my parents are in the house.Unexpectedly, his eyes turned soft, an abrupt change in him that makes him more human. We exchanged look, and I'm certain I felt love and sympathy for a very short moment."I shall give you a second chance to face me. You cp free bbs shall fight nude bbs links for the freedom of bbs fuck photos your dark desires bbs nude love and yours. Meet me in the same dungeon; you'll be surprised how time passed my realm unblemished. I give you a week, and no more...", as he disappear little kiddy kds bbs into thin air, bbs boy sites brazilian models underground bbs I thought I saw a tear in his eyes. But I quickly brushed that thought aside, as bbs cp sites now bbs ls bd models I need to prepare to fight one more time... End of Chapter sandra virginia bbs board 4 --------------------------------------------------------------- The next chapter is the last chapter of the "first season". As this bbs zep is my first writing, please feel free to forward your comments to me. I would very much like to know what you guys think of the story so far and if a "second season" is desired.
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